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30+ Self-Care Ideas

By Leigh Williams
As routines begin to change with the change of the seasons, our self-care might change, too – and that’s perfectly ok! 
We all know that taking care of ourselves is important – but with busy schedules, it isn’t always our top priority, even if it should be! Here are a few self-care ideas that will allow you to keep yourself at the top of your own priority list: 
·      Drinking at least 80 oz of water daily 
·      Moving your body daily 
·      Learning a new skill 
·      Go for a walk 
·      Reading a book 
·      Listening to a podcast 
·      Meditating 
·      Watching a documentary 
·      Saying “no” to activities you don’t want to do 
·      Saying “yes” to activities you want to do 
·      Setting a budget 
·      Volunteering 
·      Taking a hike 
·      Try essential oils 
·      Journal 
·      Tidy up 
·      Try out a new recipe 
·      Listen to music 
·      Practice gratitude 
·      Mindful coloring 
·      Make a smoothie 
·      Lay in the sun 
·      Watch Netflix 
·      Go for a bike ride 
·      Take a bath 
·      Play with a pet 
·      Spend time with loved ones 
·      Take a nap 
·      Get your nails done 
·      Light a candle 
·      Laugh 
·      Moisturize your skin 
·      Sit down and enjoy your morning coffee 
I’m sure some of these activities aren’t things you would necessarily think of as traditional self-care, but remember that any activity that helps you to make yourself a priority is indeed an act of self-care. Shoot for one self-care activity per day or at least 5 per week! Remember, self-care is not selfish! 


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