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Skincare Tips for Summer 2020

By Leigh Williams
  • Bath and Beauty
Are you experiencing some unexpected acne? It could be maskne. 
No joke, the American Academy of Dermatology has released advice on the subject of maskne, which is, as you probably guessed, acne caused by irritation from wearing a mask. 
Healthcare workers and other front-line workers are more susceptible to maskne because of the length of time they’re wearing their masks. Healthcare workers in particular might even be wearing multiple layers of tighter-fitting masks, making their likelihood of experiencing maskne even higher!
Plus, with the temperatures and humidity rising across the country, we can only expect maskne to become more common in the next few weeks.
So what can you do?
1.     Simplify your skincare routine. Use this time as an opportunity to let your skin breathe with a basic skincare routine! Try sticking with a non-soap cleanser and a fragrance-free moisturizer.
2.     Choose your mask carefully. Dermatologists are suggesting using 100% cotton masks because they provide a good amount of protection while also not being too thick – allowing your skin to breathe a bit more than heavier options.
3.     Wash that mask! After washing your face, would you dry it with your used gym towel? No, of course not! We don’t want to keep reapplying the oil, sweat, and dirt that’s stuck to the inside of your mask constantly so be sure to wash your mask frequently.
4.     Try to avoid wearing makeup. Similar to the first tip, but if you feel the need to wear it, try sticking with a tinted moisturizer.
5.     If you do get acne, don’t go overboard with treatments. Many acne treatments can irritate acne even more, making it worse! Try a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment at night to help alleviate your blemish. 
If you’re experiencing more of a rash, consider a visit to your dermatologist! It could be more than just acne! 


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