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Ways to Style Your Cardigans

By Sara Antonuccio
There’s a good chance you have at least one, if not more, cardigans hanging around in your closet. They’re easy to add to almost any outfit when you need more layers or something to keep out the chill. If cardigans have been a staple of your wardrobe for many years, you’ve probably run out of ways to style them. Here are some new ideas that will liven things up:
Pair with a Dress
If you have a long sleeveless dress you don’t want to leave out of your winter wardrobe, find a long cardigan that’s either the same length or a little bit longer than the dress, then add some tights and boots. Just like that, you’ve turned your summer dress into a cold-weather wonder! 
Add a Belt
Looking for a quick way to make a plain cardigan less boring? Pull it closed with a belt! This looks best with long, chunky cardigans worn over a dress or skirt. You can either use a fabric belt that came with the cardigan, or one that you normally use for your pants. Thin belts offer an understated look, while larger belts draw the eye to your waist.
Layer over a Crop Top
Cardigans look their best when you play up a contrast in lengths. Wearing a crop top, even one that hits just an inch or so above the waistline of your pants, underneath a cardigan is more aesthetically interesting. Try not to make the length difference too distinct, though; if you’re wearing a duster cardigan, pair it with a longer crop top that shows just a touch of skin.
Wear it as a Top
Who says you need to wear anything under a cardigan at all? Some of them are essentially button-up sweaters, so as long as you’re confident about how secure the buttons are, you can wear your cardigan with a simple pair of jeans. You might even be able to find “cardigan shirts” that are intended to be worn solo. 
Choose High Waisted Pants with a Cropped Cardigan
The cropped look is in, if you hadn’t noticed, and cropped cardigans are making their way back into the fashion world. Cropped cardigans look best by themselves or with matching crop tops, and if you’re not sure what to wear on the bottom, high waisted pants are the perfect choice. It’s a very vintage-fabulous look, particularly if you choose jeans that are cropped at the ankle. 
There’s no reason your outfit has to be boring or ordinary when you add a cardigan. In fact, if you style it just right, it may be the best fashion decision you make!